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Vision | Mission | Values

Vision | Mission | Values


To be an efficient passenger transport and charter service provider in Limpopo.


To render an efficient, cost-effective and dependable transport service through skilled and empowered employees.


  • Service Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Respect


The core business will include the following:

  • Transportation of passengers: commuters(work and casual), tourist
  • Organize parties and contracts
  • Cross boarder


  • The target market of the company would ideally be described as that sector in mining, agriculture, private sector, cross border, national provincial district and local government contracts.
  • As an entity with great regards for the dissolution of both racial and gender barriers established in the dispensation.
  • The company will target companies, employers who:
  • Share a genuine desire to discover and create new talent amongst that sector of the south African community who either through their gender or race previously had no opportunity to realize their true potential (HDI)
  • Developing a synergistic partnership with South African¬† Government for BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT (BEE)


  • To achieve a substantive breakthrough into bus transportations as BLACK Business Men and Women along with obtaining a share in the market.
  • To expand our focus to include the difference mode of transport market sector in Southern Africa.